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Norman, Oklahoma

United States

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I am a visual artist by profession, currently employed by Emergent Arts LLC as Director of Visual Art. I am by my nature a strategist and activist, seeking to ever improve the society in which we live. I enjoy music of many kinds, though admittedly music about greed bigotry and maliciousness tend to not make the cut. Physics is my passion and acrylic paints are my opiate. I am addicted to life.
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I was raised by a christian mother that had the wisdom to tell me to question everything, though I suspect she did not expect me to question quite as thoroughly as I have. At the age of fourteen I rejected Christianity and became a pagan, seeking truth in the other religions of the world. At the age of twenty I rejected religion out of hand but allowed for the possibility of the supernatural. Now I trust to reason. My transformation has, to me, been a beautiful cascade of personal development which I intend to see through until my dieing day. My goal for coming out as an atheist is to stand for the rights of those that cannot take a stand themselves.
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When I was a child I was shown a passage of the bible where it said that anyone that prays for wisdom would receive it. I prayed, then I questioned, then I studied, then the prayer was answered, not by God but rather by my own logical thinking mind.
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