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i am a highschool student
i can't declare that i became an atheist , because the egyption community don't accept that and all my friends will leave me and my parents will not bear this and will be sad
i can't determine whether i am an atheist or agnostic
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want to join atheist community
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illogical and Violent
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  • SteveInCO

    Howdy, Robert.  Welcome to Think Atheist.  You'll find a number of Egyptians here (I see you've found the group). 

    I can agree with part of Islam, as follows:  أشهد أن لا إله

  • Stephen

    Hi Robert thank you for the befriending. I cant imagine the predicament you find yourself being an Atheist in a country which forbids Apostasy. You are right to keep it to yourself, much safer. Stephen. 

  • SteveInCO

    I was hoping I cut that off at the right place!  (I checked with Google translate but even then I was wondering.)