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Macon, GA

United States

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  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Happy Birthday!
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Sorry about the wrong age... didn't realize that was on the pic... whoops... please ignore!
  • Ashli Axtell

    Fuckin' A! Three Atheists in Macon? Are you serious?! That's amazing. I think it qualifies as gaggle!
  • HonestDiscussioner

    Hiya. I answered your comment on my video. If you want to have a discussion on it you're welcome to also comment on my you tube channel where it was originally posted. That way I'll know when you actually say something and can respond.
  • Jacqueline Sarah Homan

    Have a Good Holiday :)
  • Gaytor

    That Boobquake/atheistwars post... 81 replies in that moderator discussion. We've deleted it and him at least 50 times. He does this on dozens of websites, threatened PZ Meyer's life... Google has 30,400 hits just for David Mabus. He has other names too. What a loser.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

  • Miss Herena

    I appreciate your message you left of my blog, maybe you should have worded it correctly so there was no mis-conception. Now who's being rude swearing at me. I do apologise for the way in which it was relayed and maybe I myself have to work on that as well. I must admit though, I was in a hurry to an appointment so maybe a bit of care was in order, This site is very addicting!
  • Garrison

    Thanks for the suggestion. I promptly took you up on it.
  • Thew

    Thanks for welcoming me to the dark side! I love cookies! Made me remember one of my all time favorite quotes. Seems to fit.


    "Twisted by the dark side, young Skywalker has become. The boy you trained, gone he is, consumed by Darth Vader." ~Yoda