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Desoto, TX

United States

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I am a journalist and author. I've published five books, with two of them concerning religion. I wrote "Black and Not Baptist," which reveals atheism in the black community. I just released my newest book, "The 80% Solution," which challenges Right Wing Evangelicals claims of sinful behavior by just about everyone in the United States. Not only do I challenge their statements, I do an analysis that compares stated belief with actual behavior.
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To discuss topics relevant to freethought and non-theism
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  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Your blog is profound - I am so pro abortion, and I welcome men who see it from the female point of view - a fourteen second bonk, and her life can change. Many people on this site are pro life etc. Good for them, don't get an abortion.

    xians that come onto this site are generally boring - it just goes round and round, but some people like the challenge - it shows what we are up against.

    I am commenting on Islam at the moment - same old, same old, justifying the koran, and says the wife beating female mutilation etc are not in the koran. It makes me do research, and I am learning a lot.

    Have you seen this video of Tim Minchin - - Tim was also at the Reason Rally - and sang The pope song - it is full on - Mother Fucking Pope etc.  Many different opinions with that on this site.

    There is only thing that anybody on this site agrees with - There is no god, other than that it is a free for all. Pro abortion V pro life, vegan V meateaters, etc people from both sides can get vehement and stroppy :D

  • Danladi Dele Agbeyo

    Hello Dnald. Nice to meet you on this platform and I will gain alot from your essays too.