Marc Hammond


Birmingham, AL

United States

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Freethinking atheist living in the bible belt.
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I seek a venue for people like myself who can't seem to find one elsewhere.
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Wasn't very religious to begin with, but, in 1998, while I was becoming interested in astronomy, I became intrigued by the ongoing debate between atheists and creationists. I listened to countless debates from Hitchens, Dawkins, and Harris, and was very impressed with the eloquence with which they made their arguments. I have considered myself an atheist since then and have not looked back.
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  • Glen Yoshida

    Thanks for the add Marc. The UK changed from one of the most religious countries in the world to one of the least religious. Maybe the USA will do the same. One can hope anyway. We are here and that's a start. It's good to be in a place of knowledge and understanding.

  • Shamari

    Thank you for the add!

  • Sandy Hoxsey

    Thank you, Marc! And, Welcome then to you, as well!