Joann Brady


Brighton, MI

United States

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Michigan resident. Mother of 4, grandmother of 2
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I would like to meet and communicate with other athiests. I feel it is time athiests caame out of the closet and united. I believe we need to challenge believers at every opportunity and point out the absurdities of their beliefs.
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I had many life experiences which caused me to doubt. I researched the bible heavily and found it to be complete hogwash. Christianity does not even make sense from a philosophical standpoint. Needless to say it does not stand up to historical scrutiny

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  • Robert E. O'Dell

    Thanks for reply Joann: Well, you are a very good writer, and you could do it if the situation was ever right. I hope that things are better with your family; but if not, its more their loss. Buy the way, that's my constant little buddy, BeBe, in my picture. Glad to mke a friend, I'm new here. Rob
  • QM

    Thats Ok :-) Thanks for accepting the request.
  • Christopher McGuire

    Wow, I just finished your story, and I'm amazed. It seems us atheists from the north have the worst luck in the world... I don't have a full story as you do, just a brief overview in the comments on "Whose life sucks and why? Give me your perspective!" Also, just for clarification, I'm from Michigan, but right now I'm stuck in Arkansas for a little while. Glad to make your acquaintance, and I hope your problems work themselves out well. ~Maggie