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I am a burlesque dancer, and body piercer in Montana. I have a degree in theater, and have been on stage most of my life. I am definitely a horse of a different breed 'round these parts as I am a member of Montana's ONLY burlesque troupe! I love pushing the envelope through performance, not to get a reaction from others, but as a means to challenge myself and keep life interesting for me.
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Because I need a breath of fresh air! A new perspective.
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I was born into the Mormon church. Ugh. Blessed when I was a baby, and baptized when I was 8. I was surely doomed to a life of humble servitude as a Mormon wife were it not for my own personal doubt in the religion, and my parents divorcing and therefore being asked to leave the church. My earliest Sunday school memories were asking my teacher about "Gods wife". I was deeply curious about female deities at a young age, but I was told not to ask such things because it was taking focus away from my "Heavenly Father", the one true god. In essence, I was being irreverent and disruptive. This upset me greatly as I was genuinely curious about her or if she even existed. As a young girl, I believed in female faeries, beautiful princesses, and powerful queens, so, female power was important to me at a very early age. It broke my heart to be hushed like that, and for the first time I felt that I, as a female, was a second class citizen in the church. More disturbing than that, I distinctly remember seeing a certain Sunday school teacher dragging a little boy, by his hair down the a hallway of the church, rounding the corner, then beating the snot out of him. I remember seeing my own brother slapped in the face by this same woman. I can't for the life of me remember his transgression. Whatever it was, it certainly didn't warrant such a punishment. I believe that was what initially inspired my mother and father to pull away from the church. When they divorced a few years later, we were asked to never come back. And that was that. Good riddance.
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My mother. She's awesome.

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  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Hi, Birdie

    I live in Australia, and there are religious nut jobs here, including mormons, with the women being walking incubators, exclusive brethren, scientologists, and we even have jesus and mary magdalene living in Queensland, but we Aussies are also very irreverent, and have a few TV comedy shows, that take the mickey out of xians all the time. Australia is basically a secular country, and we have an Atheist Female, unmarried, living with her boyfriend, Prime Minister. I was bought up, very loosely, as a catholic, complete with first communion, confirmation, catechism etc etc. I also came to be interested in female deities, and am innately a feminist, and saw all the shite that was dealt to women of every religion. I remember being hit with a ruler by a burka wearing Nun, being told NOT to read the OT, but being the recalcitrant, arrogant girl that I am, just didn't go back again. I wasn't forced to do anything, but many people on TA were. Kicked out of school, kicked out of the family home. Unbelievable. The stories they tell - breaks my heart, as yours does. Read their stories, you will be in good company.

    Nuns could be vicious nut cases, priests and brothers could also be twisted people. BUT you are now out of it - it it a very irreverent lot here, and loads of different groups, with knowledge and a sense of humour. You will enjoy it.


    Cheers - Suzanne

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Yaayyyyy! Thank you for the invite. By the by - my lovely white unicorn is also female :) 

  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

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