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Colorado native, currently living in Denver, CO, Lindy Hopper, amateur photographer. On the weekends I'm often in the mountains 4wheeling in my 4Runner or learning to play my new to me ukulele.
Why are you here?
I like to be around intelligent people. It's a lot easier to meet a balanced, rational, and curious mind in a group of Atheists than a witch hunt. The thought of making friends with people that actually understand the merits of the scientific method is encouraging.
Why you left your religion.
My folks brought me to a Buddhist church until I was old enough to legally stay home alone (age 12). I never liked losing half of my non-school day to listen to the Reverend preach common sense. Looking back I'm glad it was Buddhism that I was raised in. There were no absolute rights or wrongs and the responsibility was still on the individual.

At near the same age I was at a sleepover at a buddy's house and as we stared up into the darkness he asked me "So you really don't believe there is a God?" When I told him that I really didn't, I could hear the disbelief in the silence. I asked him if he really believed there was a God. Same thing. I stared up for what seemed like slowed time wondering how he could believe such a thing. I think he was thinking the same thing. We were really close friends until he and his family moved away.

My first girlfriend was super Christian. Really a sweet girl but I think it was just too hard on her thinking that I was going to end up in eternal hellfire. I was alone in my car looking out over some fields and feeling really frustrated that religion was getting in the way of our relationship. I began to wonder why I didn't feel comfortable yelling at the top of my lungs daring God to strike me down with a bolt of lightning if he is real. It took me a while to realize that I didn't have doubts of his existence and would have felt equally ridiculous yelling the same thing out to the Easter Bunny. I got the feeling of being embarrassed mixed up with faith. Ain't that funny!?

I think one of the best things I learned in school was the concept of the scientific method. It can be applied to everything and is the best tool I know of to stay sane. I never had an epiphany leading me to be comfortable in saying that I'm Atheist. It was the countless repeatable and verifiable things that contradict the fables in the bible.

The fact religions can't seem to out prove each other, only out kill each other, is evidence enough for me that a lot of people are wrong. From a neutral point of view as an Atheist, no one is more likely to be right and all are just as likely to be wrong.

Despite feeling that it can be hard to be Atheist here in the states, and knowing lots of great people out there that have a strong relationship with Jesus or some other religion, I still would rather experience the greatness and gratitude that a finite time on earth allows. I choose to be a good person now because this is all I have. The logic in Pascal's wager could also be applied to treating everyone well while alive. There's no benefit in being a jerk whether there is an afterlife or not. If there is a God he gave me free choice and if he condemns me to hell for being a good person then he's a God I choose not to follow, for as a mere human, I can see the injustice in that. He of such powers and knowledge should be able to know the same basic thing that even a child can understand. That is, if he were real.
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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Glen!

  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Welcome to Think Atheist, Glen! It is great to have you here.

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  • John Benedict

    Thanks, I appreciate the warm welcome.
  • Khaled Mostafa

    Hi Glen,

    Thanks for your message. Sadly even though the revolutionaries call loudly for freedom including freedom of religion this doesn't see, to include atheism or non-abrahamic religions! I am hoping for more groups to turn up online for former Muslims and other Arab atheists.

  • Mou Obi

    Thank you so much. I've read your amazing story and i really got impressed. I shall right mine soon.
    Thanks again!
  • Don Leonard

    Welcome to Think Atheist!
  • Aaron Adair

    i dont know too many athiest songs either, although there is a band called athiest! they are progressive metal, i dont know what kind of music your into but there pretty damn good


  • Naeem Hussain

    Thx for your Nice Words, BTW is Site to enjoy Atheism OR to Abolish Atheism? i Cant Judge Betterly Whats the Purpose of this SIte>Could Pls Help me!

  • The Doctor

    Awsome! (I wish I were musicly inclined) however I just appreciate it. My favourite song performed on the ukulele is " Somwhere Over The Rainbow"



  • carlos emmanuel alvarez villalba

    i did ask him, and i was sad. he was physically abused by his father allot, and  raised in a very religious household and said with all they told him about god he would pray for 1 of 2 things either to make his father stop or to kill him, and he said what kind of god would allow this to anyone and hated the idea of god ever since. it was only 6 years ago that i stated to see what atheism was and  told him about he kind of went with that, but for a while he wanted their to be a god so he could tell him what a fuck up he was at his job.


  • palebluejosh

    Hey Glen!

    I appreciate the message and will likely take you up on the offer. Unfortunately, I've just moved to philadelphia for some schooling. Much to my surprise, this place feels MUCH more conservative and closed-minded than I remember it (or course I was religious when I last lived here...) Either way, I can't wait to get back out west - possibly denver. I'll get in touch upon my return; I'll be looking to meet some like-minded people.

  • Jeremy

    Welcome to TA Glen!

  • carlos emmanuel alvarez villalba

    No. He gave up on that once i showed him "The God Delusion"
    by Richard Dawkins. Ever since then, he feels better about random pain and suffering than to think it was all a part of some sky god's plan.
    and also knows his dad was d%ck for what he did.

  • Eric Haas

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • webtuto

    hey glen , how are you doing ?

  • Ratifying Obliqueer

    Yes thanks for accepting my request!!
  • Ratifying Obliqueer

    The choices I've made in life---sucks!

  • Aileen Ortega

    it is very nice here!  i'm sure you'll enjoy it!  there's a lot to do, and the food's really good! :)

  • Madeline Breneman

    Thanks for the welcome, Glen! It's a bit odd hearing NM referred to as "down south", to be honest. The culture here is very different from the South, but I see what you mean in geological terms. What brought your friend to Santa Fe?

  • Madeline Breneman

    I just realized you're from Denver, so you already knew it's a totally different ballgame from good ol' Alabama. 

    I know what you mean with the whole communicating with God thing. I work for a small restaurant here that is owned (and largely staffed by) very conservative Christians. It gives me a really good way to analyze all the stuff being shoved down their unsuspecting throats. I keep my views largely to myself, as I don't want to find myself in a negative work environment (just got out of one).

    I know one of the girls prays. A lot. I think she may actually get into a meditative state while doing it, and takes the clarity gained from that as "speaking to God", which at least gives some sort of introspection. As for the rest of them, I have no clue.

  • Jeffrey Manns

    thanks and nice to meet you and actually that date has not been confirmed yet because i was looking for "jesus" to help me quitting smoking marijuana but since i've been looking into stuff for myself i've been doing a better job with willpower so once my system i clean i will make my trip back to my recruiter so i would say sometime at the beginning of the year

  • Brittney Nugent

    Thanks for the welcome! :) its always nice to meet new people for me. And I would be more than happy to share some of my photography- just as soon as I find my memory card LOL :)

    Nice to meet you!
  • Eric Chase

    Thanks for the welcome! Denver huh, I have a friend in Divide, down the road from you. I however am really down south from you in fact I'm down under as I'm in Auckland, New Zealand... Spent a fair bit of time in the US though and have family and friends there... 


  • Eric Chase

    Hey Glen, I live in Auckland, which is in New Zealand about 3,000 miles from Sydney. But hey I know how good you Americans are taught geography:

    I lived in Australia for 35 years though and know it pretty well, I've also lived in the US and Canada on and off for about 5 years and in India  for 12 years which was where I originally got my tan.  

  • Kaj Westin

    Thank you Glen, and thanks for the warm welcoming!
  • Denise DeSio

    Thanks Glen. Glad to be here.


  • Nicole Swimley

    Hi, Glen, and thank you! I should say welcome to you too then. I haven't participated much in the site yet, but I visit daily and enjoying reading the discussions. 

  • Dirk Diggler

    Thanks Glen. I look forward to this forum. I'm actually in Modesto. Not many non-believers here. Very scary sometimes.
  • Kneemin

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to meeting some cool people and learning more about "the argument" this stupid country needs to turn around and get back on track :/
  • Ceci

    hi glen, thank you :)

    yes, it is... my parents are still catholics, but nowadays i can't justify any believer who has at least a high school qualification, because it's a nonsense.
    when i talk about religion with someone who believes in god, i feel like i'm an alice in wonderland where everything is upside down, where i am the bumptious who pretends to know everything. this is simply surreal! religion causes lasting mental harm.

  • Paul Crissman

    I cannot say I ever had the AH HAH moment. But always thought that my beliefs should always be questioned and examined. But started that examination with a vengence after reading "The Pagan Christ" by Tom Harpur. Since that time have pretty much deconstructed my belief system. 

  • Ojay Okoth

    Feels good to be here. Thanks

  • Ceci

    i totally agree with you. this one should be the era of knowledge, free knowledge for everyone, but people seem to prefer living in caves and being mental slaves of someone else... :/

  • Clay B. Weatherfield

    Perhaps not that wild. lol. I live in the desert in the west central part.

  • Marc Hammond

    Right?  Still can't fathom how anyone can read the bible and take it seriously.  The cosmos is beautiful and amazing without the need to invoke a creator.  I say the creationists underestimate the scope and grandeur of the cosmos.  

  • Skepticlese

    Thanks. I hope to keep contributing to the dialogue.
  • Benjamin Miller

    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome, Glen!