Chris Douglas


Brooklyn, NY

United States

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Artist. Always laughing. Comic book and horror movie fan. Not much is ever taken too seriously.
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I rarely hear reason and logic and i'm terrified that I might forget what it sounds like.
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Didn't seem Plausible, probable, or at all possible. Seemed to only breed hate and intolerance. Hinders decision making and infringes apon very basic freedoms.
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just stumbled across it

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  • Karie Ames

    I was lucky enough to grow up in a family of mostly atheists. Most of the trouble I run into is among friends and people I know from school. When I was in high school it was especially bad, to the point where people thought I was a devil worshiper or practiced voodoo because they didn't understand atheism. I have lost a few bible thumping friends, because I can't be near them without being told how much of a heathen I am, but I have also learned to avoid the topic. 

  • Spiider Webb

    Hello again Chris.

    To go a step further, for me its more than "why don't you believe", as though I've rejected something (which in a way I have) but its bigger than that. I am not saying "get out", Im saying there is nothing to invite IN, or UN-invite, in the first place, except the belief of simple and sad minds that are too fearful to deal with life on life's terms. I may not like a given truth but I would rather deal with it than live in the dark.

    What really irks me these days is wasting even one more precious second of the only life I will ever have listening to why I should believe this entity exists & why I should 'return' to some imagined being. Religion has done all the damage to my life I will allow. Any further damage will have to be done WITHOUT my consent.

  • Spiider Webb

    Hello again Chris. I have to tell u (sadly) I can count how many laughs Ive had recently and I cherish each opportunity to do so so Thk U for that! I laughed (with u) as I read ur latest post msg to me. Man do I relate. However talking to my "fam" is impossible. They are JW cultists...hardbodied. The have (and this isnt a jab) lost their ability to reason or compute logically. Very frustrating but since my dating and practically non-existent social circles are absent I keep my energies on my troubles and dont bother much with them or theirs if I can help it (which thkfully I can bcuz I dont live near them anymore). Thk god (lmao just a lil jokie joke...gotta laugh at this stuff sometimes or we will lose our freethinking minds).