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United Kingdom

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I like to say "i don't know" on a regular basis. It's very liberating. More people should try it.
I like to keep an open mind. I also like to think logically. I love nature. Nature is my God.
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I'm a philosophical person and have read a fair bit about Taoism, Buddhism, Tibetan Bon and on the history of religion. It's good to see people thinking logically and not being persecuted for that. Religious extremism and even moderate religious belief cause a lot of suffering and destruction. It would be nice to gradually get religious people to open their mind to a life beyond religion. I can dream anyway...
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  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Thank you for adding me to your friends, Alex - totally makes me happy. Nice to meet you!

  • Dave Porter

    Cheers.  Just need to work out how to upload profile pic from my phone.  May need the wides laptop!
  • Dave Porter

    Yes finally worked it out lol