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Jacksonville, AR

United States

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I'm a Michigan Atheist stuck for the time being in the bible belt...
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Meet other intelligent people.
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I left religion because it's all horseshit. I never really did believe the stories I was told as a child, I was always waiting for the Santa-esque punchline to come. When it didn't, I realized I had rational superiority over all those idiots at the church. And all the free fucking Sunday Morning doughnuts in the world weren't gonna change MY mind.
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  • Kegan Walls

    No, there definitely aren't. I know there's a Free Thinker's Society here in AR, and there's a group in Conway. There used to be one here in Russellville, we were an official Tech Society and everything, but not anymore. Keep your head up dude.
  • Amie

    yay! we're friends now it's official :)

    Depends on which interest.

    Interesting, Really if you know about the Abrahamic religions. Then you can get a clear picture of the Occult in general. Most wars changed ideas. But in the Occult you take. Catholicism/Christianity: Altars, Incense, Mass, Thuribles, Wine, Bread, Prayer, Chanting. The worship of the Sun/Son. And your staring right in the face of Paganism. Now the bases of the word Paganism clearly means. That you do not worship within the Orthodox belief system. So being pagan can mean just about anything not pertaining to current religious institutions today. Which part of the Occult do you want to know about? There are many. The Sun worship? The Agricultural Goddesses/Gods, Ritual Spells, Demonology? Sabbaths? Solar Messiah's? Kabbalah? Aura's? Astrology? The birth and death of many languages that Occults use? I know a good amount. Just pick anything and I can explain.
    I tell people its best to know all the religions.

    I understand. Do you want an over view on how Abrahamic religions are connected to the Occult. Or what the Occult is?
  • Joann Brady

    Thanks Christopher! If you want to read my story, it was a featured blog in the "my story" section last June.......
    great to meet you......I am in Michigan myself
  • Chris Rasmussen

    Why thank you.
  • B.

    Thank you!! Glad to have contributed =)
  • Mercedes Anderson

    Hahaa you make me smile. I am doing pretty good. I graduate in 10 days!!!
    That's really cool about the group!
  • Daniel Yang

    Christopher...I appreciate your message. I grew up in Detroit...where from Michigan are you from exactly?
  • Franco P

    The results will be posted next monday, but i will give you a hint!
    the reults far now are AWESOME.
  • Daniel Yang

    You kiddin' me. You're a hood rat like me. I grew up at 7 mile and Gratiot. Close to the post office behind the park right on Fordham. Small world.
  • Daniel Yang

    O snap...I just looked up "hood rat". We are not "hood rats!" But definitely from the hood.
  • loona

    thank you dear chris .. i will
  • ala'a

    thanks Christopher :)
  • Sydni Moser

    Hi Christopher, funny you should ask because I want to learn how to change font and font size as well... I was going to ask doone, who has posted discussions with these changes, I'm sure he'd be happy to share his expertise... T/A should post a guide on how to do accomplish these tasks for their members. I've had a tough time learning how to deal with their new discussion header, add videos etc. Learned some stuff, but still want to know how to do more. Share with me what you find out so I don't have to bug doone to repeat Thanks.
  • Sydni Moser

    Christopher, check out this discussion by Johnny, HOW TO: Advanced Formatting. It answers your question!
  • David

    Well thank you good man, I just decided to ignore most things people say and stick to a few core topics I've found that I am not smart enough to debate every question atheists come up with on this site at once
  • David

    I also honestly do not understand how I was being derogatory
  • loona

    oh thank you so much chtis you're the best dear
  • Cindy H.

    Thank you so much for the welcome! Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  • sissybearsheba

    hi sorry for the late reply on my pic, yes, i do love my cats, more then anything else =D, although i had to get rid of my baby kittens, their mommy still resides at my house.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    There was a magical cliff that if you jumped off of it you would fall into a pile of whatever you said while jumping.

    A scientist came along and jumped off the cliff saying "Gold" and he fell into a pile of gold.

    An atheist came along and jumped off the cliff saying "Silver" and she fell into a pile of silver.

    A creationist came along walking backwards and accidently fell off the cliff and yelled, "SHIT!!"
  • Kristen Powell

  • Sydni Moser

    Hi Christopher, thanks for noticing and the nice compliment on my new profile picture... Overdue for a change, but still need some more recent photos taken of me. (few are It's harder and harder to force myself to be on the other side of the camera. You'll understand in due time. Nice hearing from you.
  • Sydni Moser

    You cracked me up Christopher.... I'm gonna frame your comment for all to see. Thanks sweetie. <3
  • loona

    hi chris how are you my friend .. hope you're doing fine
  • Michel-san

    Hello! Nice to hear from you! I'm well :D Have had relatives over, been working and Starcraft 2 beta! Fun fun :P How have you been?
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Hey Chris! I wanted to present you with my "masterpiece." I "perfected" a fundie car. lol [I did this in paint]
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    I think you'll like my response to this moron:
    It's a scandal that they've come here in front of the Mariacki Church...
    But I thought the church wouldn't turn away anyone? *sarcasm*
    But maybe we'll come back to these wonderful times [the middle ages], and hopefully we'll burn them at the stakes again.
    Oh... okay...
    so you want to go back to the time where if a neighbor disliked you he could condemn you to death on the stake as either a witch or a heretic, and no amount of protest or evidence could stop that from happening?
    You want to go back to the time of the crusades when mobs of bloodthirsty people raped, murdered, and pillaged until "the men were standing in blood up to their knees?"
    You want to go back to the time when your chances of living past 30 were less than 1/2?
    You want to go back to the time when 1/2 of all children died before they reached a year old?
    Do you find it a real turn on to go back to the time when people in cities and towns waded through garbage, excrement, dead animals, and rotting food everyday when they left their houses? Or when the rich walked through cat and dog dung in their filthy, staw covered castle floors?
    How about going back to the days when the "humour" theory of medicine reigned?
    Would you like to go back to the days when 90% of people were virtual slaves [serfs] that couldn't leave their lord's property on pain of death?
    How about the time when the black death wiped out 1/3 - 1/2 of all humanity in Europe? That sounds REAL appealing doesn't it?

    Honestly Mr. Polish priest! Brush up on a bit of your history before you go making dumb statements like 'you want to go back to the dark ages.'
    Or better yet we'll build a time machine and teleport you back to 1350 CE in the midst of the black death. You'll fit right in, I assure you! Although... we can't guarantee you'll survive for 6 months there.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Thanks I think I'm definitely become a caustic, cold-hearted, hell-bound bitch.... it's official... you corrupted me. lol ^_^
  • Keith Johnston

    Thanks for helping me out with those articles. I'll take a little to to read and absorb them before I comment.
    Your a star.. Cheers!
  • brant feivou

    thanks for the b-day greeting!
  • Atheist Fry

    Comic Sans *blows brains out*
  • Atheist Fry

    Hello, Christopher McGuire.
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    My newest video... thought you would like it. ^_^
  • Becky Glynn

    Hi Maggie!  What and why Maggie?  You are right about being careful...I drive with adrenaline pumping through my body a lot of the time.  I am really considering taking the anti religious stickers off because I am getting too old to kick someone's ass anymore...but I would probably find a way to fuck them up!