Christopher McGuire


Jacksonville, AR

United States

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I'm a Michigan Atheist stuck for the time being in the bible belt...
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I left religion because it's all horseshit. I never really did believe the stories I was told as a child, I was always waiting for the Santa-esque punchline to come. When it didn't, I realized I had rational superiority over all those idiots at the church. And all the free fucking Sunday Morning doughnuts in the world weren't gonna change MY mind.
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  • Becky Glynn

    OK - I am a dumbass!  I just realized what your last name is...some days, I just don't know about me!
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Good... I'm a fallen angel because I think I like the accusation from fundies that I am a satanist. lmao! If I'm going to be from the devil I am going to be as damned as I can be! [Hence the fallen angel thing] lol. Anyhow... how have you been?
  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    YOU'RE IT.
    Go here when you have a moment. This is silly and just for fun. Don't forget to tag three other people and post this message on their profile pages, too.