Justine Robinson

22, Female

Ann Arbor, MI

United States

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Hello, I am a College student and also an Atheist. I love reading,sports, and watching movies. I love Manga and Anime. I am working on majoring in History/Political Science in college.
Why are you here?
I am here to find people more like me and my views.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
I left my religion because I found that there was no real scientific proof that god existed. And when I thought about it really hard, people believing in a deity,that does not even answer back or can be seen physically seemed so ridiculous to me.
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  • Mike Vaughan

    Thanks for the add :D

    See you on the forums. :)

    P.S. That's ^ A crayon.
  • Gaytor

    Happy to have you here and as a friend. I wish that I would have cared about religion when I was your age. It would have saved me a ton of headaches and heartaches.
  • Jon Heim

    it's great to see young Atheists being proactive about their beliefs. I was older then you before I even met another Atheist.
  • Jon Heim

    yeah, I have two friends who consider themselves atheists, but the one friend, I think just came to the realization that he is one. and the other one has been for a long time, but she isn't very outspoken about her beliefs. which is fine, i just wish there were people closer to me that i could share a common interest with.

    Two of my friends are pagan and so is my girlfriend. Now THAT is hard to come by where I live.

    everyone else I know are Christian, minus two who consider themselves agnostic or "spiritual but not religious".
  • kelltrill

    HaPpY biRtHdAy :)
  • Debbie Goddard

    Thanks! I'm the campus outreach coordinator at the Center for Inquiry (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/oncampus), so I figured I might be able to provide some helpful information to members of the group. :)
  • Gaurav kant lohiya

    Your welcome, you've made a nice group. I really like it. Gud job
  • Eoganacht

    Thanks for the thought. my family is okay but we have friends in Christchurch. So far all our friends we can contact are fine. We've had 60+ deaths so far, its horrible.
  • Dave

    Yea! Its hard, there arent a lot of educated teenagers, they really just dont get it. and some of them are arrogant about it. I try not to make it a problem in my group of friends because i never like to have religious battles with anyone i am close to.
  • Telliyah Kennedy

    Hey thanks for the add and great to know that your from Michigan as well!