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Sacramento, CA

United States

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An interested Reader and Gardener.
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To create some fellowship among our various bloggers.
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  • T A A

    well well, you made me notice I had missing pictures, guess it was a late night edit session which ended in falling asleep at the puter!
  • T A A

    Ok, so I've added the missing pics, and my new favourite atheist rap (link includes lyrics). I used to like folk style music, many years ago, but it eventually got dropped from my life. In rap I love the raging politics, and in danceable hiphop/R&B, well, I just love to dance! Cheers :)
  • Anne

    Do you hear them? They are sighs of relief escaping from my parched breast. Thank you for your kindness. I really miss San Francisco here in the land of Anita Bryant. I still feel acute culture shock when I see the huge billboards decrying Darwin all around town not to mention the quasi monster trucks with confederate flags proudly draped. I will be a frequent visitor here...