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Berwyn IL

United States

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  • CJoe

    Were people genuinely being healed? Were they really "filled with the spirit" or faking it? I think it was my very skeptical attitude towards everything that bothered them. I didn't like their programs or the fact that the church "leaders" got to decide if and whom you should date. I didn't like the control they tried to wield. I also didn't like that their worship music was TERRIBLE and thought it was a cop-out to say God didn't care what it sounded like as long as you were worshiping. Remember when Cain killed his brother out of jealousy because God only liked the BEST sacrifice as opposed to Cain's half-assed one? That's how I viewed bad music... second rate, if that, and not "worthy" of God. I didn't like that no one else was intellectual and they even avoided intellectual discussion. I didn't like that some topics were off limits. I didn't agree with "speaking in tongues" in public (b/c the Bible says to do it in private unless you have an interpreter); I didn't agree with them "fasting" things other than food, like TV (b/c you don't "fast" food b/c food is BAD). Overall, they just didn't appreciate my "negativity" and that I didn't just go along with everything labeled "Christian" as though that were an automatic pass on its veracity.

    Too long winded?? Haha
  • CJoe

    Of course I don't hate you, Jim.