George S.

29, Male

Anniston, AL

United States

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I'm a young atheist in the buckle of the bible-beltI was once a devout episcopalian but began reading the works of Richard Dawkins and watching sciece talks from TED. I'm a member of the Etowah County Rational Alliance.

I am proud of the "New Atheists" that have grown to fame, but don't approve of some of the...bigotry that some of them have shown in their recent work/statements/interviews.

I have also grown to realize that TED talks are pretty self-serving for the wealthy and aren't as interested in "saving the planet" as they'd like for us to believe.
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I'm here to meet likeminded people, hopefully a few from my home state of Alabama. Just searching for listeners.
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I felt like I had to constantly filter myself around churchgoers.
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