Joe O'Brien

31, Male

Baltimore, MD

United States

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I'm always interested in learning. About anything really. Math and especially science are my favorites but I also have a strong interest in linguistics as well as ecology and any kind of environmental studies. I'm not trying to sound arrogant or overly ambitious when I say i want to learn as much as I can about anything, Unfortunately the current academic climate doesn't work for me and I'm trying to do most of my education on my own.

I also I have 6 little turtles that I care about more than virtually anything.
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Sometimes I feel like atheism is such a given it's wasting time to have to debate it with believers when I'd rather be exploring the wonders of the natural universe and trying to progress the human species in intellectual, technological, and social advancements.

However my naturalistic world view is a large part of who I am and I would like to connect to like minded individuals.,
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Christian, Catholic
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Around 8th grade I got disgusted with the idea of being a servant who from the very books his worshipers took as his holy word showed him as a jealous, cruel tyrant. Some of my favorite Greek heroes are Prometheus whose efforts to help the human species were viciously punished , and Icarus who was punished for pushing the boundaries of human achievement. I can't support a deity, or anything else that punishes any who try to explore new things and raise themselves above their human limitations.

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