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I was the one who never really believed. I was the one who kept telling myself that there was something wrong with me. That once my Bat Mitzvah happened I would "see the light" and all my doubts about my religion would disappear and I would really believe in god. When that (obviously) didn't happen I became agnostic. I was interested in eastern religions for a while because at that point I still felt like I needed to be some religion. In high school I finally started to accept that all religion was total bullshit and now I am completely atheist, although I still believe we can never truly know.
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I was the person who never really believed in god but felt like if i just kept trying eventually I would "see the light".
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  • Scott

    Thanks for the comment. In response to your question ("What's it like to believe like that?"): It is truly devastating to believe something so passionately and then realize it's all bullshit. To love someone that doesn't even exist! It is truly frightening how much religion can sabotage your mind and your ability to think for yourself. Words can't even describe it.
  • kris feenstra

    Hi Raven,


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  • Justine Robinson

    Thanks for joining and welcome to the club!