Ryan Persson


Shady Cove, OR

United States

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I'm 17. I'm homeschooled in a Christian home. I enjoy hiking, camping and almost anything else that has to do with the outdoors. Not to brag, but I only personally know a few people who are smarter than me. All of my friends are Christians, (Except for one Muslim guy.and I only know a few non-Christians. I enjoy debating, although I get sick of it sometimes as I rarely have anyone else on my side. That is actually the main reason I came here. So I could talk to other people who hold similar views to mine. My parents are saddened that I am no longer a Christian, although my mom thinks I'm just doubting my faith or going through a rebellious phase. I left Christianity because I was taught critical thinking in our homeschool group's debate club. Although non of the other kids in the debate club are not Christians as far as I know. I applied critical thinking to the Bible and Christianity and realized they were myths. My dad and most people I know are young earth creationists, which is probably why I don't know very many people smarter than me. W Because I was homeschooled, I learned most of what I know from the library and the internet. Textbooks were just boring. My favorite subjects are science, and history. And none of my textbooks talked about anything beyond 6,000 years ago. My conversion to agnosticism was not due to anyone's influence on me, nor was it rebellion against my parents. It was simply because I couldn't reconcile what I knew about the world with young earth creationism, and I realized that there was no reason to believe in theistic evolution or day ages or any of the theories which try to rationalize the difference between the Bible and reality.
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To meet other non-Christians, because I don't know any in our town.
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Because after years of study, I realized it was not the truth.
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I was searching for atheist forums and found it on google search

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