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I'm Misty. I was one of the first few hundred members here, and the very first wave of admins.
I've recently returned after a lengthy hiatus. My own websites and business ventures no longer need constant supervision, so here I am!
I'm a mixed gas technical diver, a MOD II Megaladon Rebreather Diver and a Hyperbaric Medic. I'm also a sofa-surfing web junkie that loves a good debate.

Beware the sarcasm.
I swear I can't control it.....

Also, if I'm on chat, I'm drunk. It's just a fact of life.
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To bitch, moan, network, love, laugh and share experiences with other non-believers world-wide.
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I studied Theology with an open mind and found the entire concept of Allah/God/Whatever to be lacking in any rational argument.
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  • Merlin Mercer

    I saw a comment you posted on Ethan Lofing's blog, and you mentioned religion and the brain.  A little off topic, but this is a great article about how religious experiences actually atrophy the hippocampal region of the brain.  Great article.

    Scientific American - Religious Experiences Shrink Part of the Brain

    Interesting read.


  • Merlin Mercer

    My pleasure, Misty!  I thought you might like it!  How far have you got in your research on religious experience and the brain?  I think there is a distinct connection between 'answered prayers' and peoples' psychological ability to connect things that aren't at all connected, even in the slightest possible ways.  I hope that's clear, haha!
  • Merlin Mercer

    Hey, not sure if you saw in Nelson's Sunday School Blog, but HERE is a great article on the brain and crime.  Very interesting and lengthy.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.