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Hello! I'm Alex, I'm 26 and studying neuropsychology in Rome at the moment, I'm a pretty quiet person, usually nice, and not very socially skilled. Rather, very much not so.
I enjoy music, rock and metal for the most part, videogames, and sci-fi;
I love science topics, particularly concerning the brain, biology and physics.
Also, I don't enjoy many things that are usually considered enjoyable and I take a lifetime to make decisions.
Anyways, feel free to drop me a line!
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I was never really religious, just brought up in a catholic family. I've been an atheist for quite a few years now.
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I found it on Google

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  • RobertPiano

    Ciao Ahleksi, Non posso per mi scrivere troppo bene...ma benvenuto!

    Not too many athiests in Italia, but I think alot are in the closet ;)