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Quebec, Quebec


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Each day I become more convinced that it's time for people to demand a return to more basic liberties.
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To rail against the social dysfunction known as religion!
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  • Bryan B

    Hi Heather. Stumbled upon your page when I was searching for other Canadian atheists. So, hope you don't mind invited you as a friend.
  • Bryan B

    I wa sborn and raised here in Central Ontario myself. Love it here, we even have a small humanist group now, it's great.
  • T A A

     Notice that coincided with the timing of my request! LoL

    This is my email signature...  I like honesty :)

    One should judge a man mainly from his depravities.
    Virtues can be faked. Depravities are real.
    Klaus Kinski
    1926 - 1991

  • JD Stockman

    Thank you for the video! That is a good watch and deserves investigation. Details given in the video already correspond with information that I have researched before, such as Jesus following a concept of higher power that was older than traditional faith of the time and also, that would explain why the bible constantly conflicts or never retouches in some cases on Jesus's philosophy. I feel like I've learned a little more. Thank you.
  • bill owen

    Sorry to disappoint. I would think that you would try and deconvert individuals like me rather than shun us away, would you not?  The atheist community ought to be welcoming to all values and input, and there are plenty of atheists who agree with me.
  • bill owen

    Seriously, I'm not trying to make anything turn ugly. I'm only here to get a good perspective on atheism and enjoy some thoughtful discussion.
  • bill owen

    Not theists; idiots. There is a difference. :P   But no harm done, I will try to use my opposite world view to contribute to discussion and not to provoke. :)

  • bill owen

  • Michael Frazier

    Same to you! All I can do when I think of jumping is smile and try my best to go back. Good-day!
  • Don

    We live in Wheelock, Vermont, way back in the hills at the end of a dirt road about 40 miles from the border.  We visit Montreal occasionally and love getting up to Quebec City, which is just about 4 1/2 hours from here.  The bike paths through the Townships are a pleasure, too.
  • The Bosoms

    Aw, thanks for the warm welcome!

  • John David Holt

    I'm glad to add you to my friends. In many ways, this site is a lonely place. It seems hard to get feedback/conversation. Stop on by my page for a cup of coffee sometime. . .
  • Akshay Bist

    Thanks for the add :)
  • BearBait2011

    Thank you.
  • Dara

    Thanks for thee add
  • Stanley Brooks

    Thanks!!  I hope I'll like it here, and I appreciate your welcome.
  • Stanley Brooks

    Hi again Heather, and again thanks for the welcome advise this time. I was at first a bit taken aback by the tone of Sassan's responses, but I knew they were not aimed at me, and then I saw that this is just his style of debate. It really does take all kinds.
  • Stanley Brooks

    Yes I intend to do so at least for a while, but after a bit it becomes fruitless,  as people have their minds set and the change often comes, if it comes, from some internal movement. Unfortunately even with myself I've rarely seen reason move me in a heated debate, but then I leave the conflict, settle down and often realize that I am seeing the issue from a different vantage point, or I see my reaction to the issue in a clearer light.  Or I choose to remain stuck, but at least I know that's what I choose. And of course you're right in that even if one person remains intransigent on an issue still the issue if brought before other members perceptions and gives them some insight that perhaps was lacking previously. I'm not really sure that made any sense, I guess I'll have to break down and start using Word of OpenOffice before posting.  Sigh.  Oh, wait, I just saw that I could enlarge the message box, hallelujah (sorry, couldn't help it), and there's editing tools right at the top.
  • Stanley Brooks

    Thanks, I'll look forward to the lighter topics, but then of course I seem to instantly gravitate to the hot button issues, but it looks as if I'll be sticking around for a bit.  This is a great site and a welcome resource.  As to something lighter, I noticed the video you posted on complexity and can't wait to get a chance to watch it, perhaps in just a short while.  And until I figure out how to post my own here's a link to an interesting video on How to Dissolve the Problem of Free Will and Determinism from SisyphusRedeemed's YouTube channel.  I try to remember one fact from this lecture when dealing with conflict, which is that our brain forms the decision to initiate a movement 6 seconds before we are aware of consciously making that decision ourselves.  Of course now I'll have to figure out how to post that. Big sigh.  Probably not tonight.  Be well, happy, like that.
  • Reggie

    Thanks! That means a lot coming from you. I get the game theory angle, but it is being misapplied. He has a general misunderstanding over what laws are designed to do.
  • jorge hernandez sanchez

    thank you heather!!


  • John David Holt

    I've got some work to do on Beyond These Walls. I've received some constructive criticism. I'm going to rework the arrangement and tweak the mix. Thanks for the listen and feedback. When I'm done, I would like to use any song profits to fund DNA testing and other prison issues. We have too many incarcerated people - I think it's over two million and counting. For non-violent crimes, alternatives like drug court should continue being developed. It's ridiculous to spend over $30,000 a year to house non-violent offenders. The stats for drug court are not kind. If you get a chance, check out Song Sprouts, I'm listed under John David Holt. I've got a couple other songs like Crosscut 139. Bye Heather.
  • IEatDinosaurMeat

    Thank you for the add. :)
  • jared huffman

    Ok I won't send you the source for an "obscure" book then. And obviously I imagine my viewpoint would be in the minority in the local library just as it would be in school books. I already know this is the majority opinion and would obviously make sense to people who are putting the same thought process of biological evolution into the realm of evolution of the ideas of god. Majority opinion isn't my concern and I was never trying to convince anyone of this opinion except for the fact that it existed, orginally all I said was that I disagreed with something, however nice discussion. I'll talk to ya soon.
  • jared huffman

    Heather, it's quite obvious we aren't going to agree on this seeing that I said I believe in God and this is an atheist website. Which is why I said time and time again I am not trying to convince you of anything and I'm just as firmly decided about my beliefs as you are. I simply made a comment on a video that started this whole discussion and that comment I don't even think said anything about me defending the belief of a deity. So, I think I'm done with this one I'll comment on something else and we can start again lol.

  • jared huffman

    Cool! Really you have no emotions connect to your belief or non- belief cmon at least a little lol, just messing with you. Yea, I'm guessing you will never find the complete empirical evidence you are looking for to make you believe in a god, because if one question was answered there would be another then another then another. As a matter of fact I think it's extremely reasonable that you belief there is no god at all. Hence, my comment which isn't meant directly to you personally or implying the existence of a god. That one would have to me this god for themselves aside from the mental illness thing in order to believe. Meet meaning with mental sureness as concrete as meeting a person. Again I'm saying that impersonally and as a vague statement and with no effort to defend anything. talk to ya later
  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    You might like this new book
  • Jack Frost

    I was reading somthing that you wrote earlier and found you to be a very educated and profound writer. I am dealing with severe allergies rite now and cant see the text very well.... but kudo's. Looking foward to many more hours of reading.
  • Albert Bakker

    You are very welcome. I know you can pulverize him between your thumb and index finger and scatter the dust if you so please, but I felt he went completely overboard with that rotten attempt at intimidation. I have to bite my tongue often enough with that character, I can assure you.
  • Sal The apostate

    Pleasure ;D
  • Albert Bakker