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Each day I become more convinced that it's time for people to demand a return to more basic liberties.
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To rail against the social dysfunction known as religion!
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  • Thomas Blood

    I always thought of myself as a climate change disciple but after reading your post I discovered that I am a climate change heathen. I am a big fan of Stewart Brand and believe that the only rational answer is nuclear energy. I know that we in the west are too stupid to figure this out but I am confident that the Chinese or Indians will save us. Or maybe the Norwegians - they're working on a thorium MSR. Hope you don't mind me posting on your page but you were a "featured" member, and hell, you brew your own. How could I resist?

  • Thomas Blood

    I don't think I thanked you for adding me as a friend. I am clueless on social media and am still figuring out protocols and out to make this actually work without losing things in virtual hyperspace. Don't think I mentioned this: I have been in the middle of a divorce for the past year, but before the current unpleasantness forced me to suspend operations, I also brewed my own. I hope to resume someday soon. I tend toward the extremes: big malty stouts and IPA's. 

  • Davis Goodman

    Hey no problem. It was my pleasure. I like your posts.