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Erie, PA

United States

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I am a non-fiction author who has published four books. I am an atheist and feminist. I hold a bachelors degree in mathematics. My latest book, Divine Right: The Truth is a Lie, slams on religion for the human rights abuses that US women are subjected to even today in the 21st century (justice denied for many rape victims, denial of access to affordable reliable contraceptives, tubal ligation, and abortion, to name a few)/
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I am a feminst, a social justice activist and author. It was my first feminist opinions formed during childhood that led me to atheism by the time I was 8 years old.
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The Genesis shell game of the "original sin" with the idea that as a woman, I am somehow deserving of extra punishment and suffering and deprivation of equal civil and human rights just for being female. That story basically is responsible for deeply ingrained gender injustice today, includiing the secular realms of life such as in the OB/GYN field and in the geopolitical arena where women are denied the right to have control over our own bodies and lives.
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