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I started questioning religion when I was around ten years old. I was 'married' to a xian for 20 years, have three brilliant children - divorced. Have for the last 20 odd years lived de facto. Am so pleased more Atheists are banding together to counter argue religion. I used to be a quiet Atheist, but found I had to have very logical discussions, and make a christian understand that they had to convince me of god, not the other way around. They want to believe in fairies (if only) or whatever, go for it. Leave me out of the delusions, and do no harm.

I actually wouldn't care what people believe in. It is when it intrudes on everybody's life, puts fear into the heads of children, makes people feel they have sinned with man made rules, intrudes into secular schools, the charlatans and soothsayers earning heaps from gullible people,then there are the hierarchies of all religions, who simply cannot believe in a higher power, when in fact they are committing Crimes Against Humanity, and raking in millions, while they hide behind the cloth, the cross, and a big smile.

The denigration of Evolution and Science - That is the deal breaker - Religion keeps people dumb, it keeps people in a narrow bubble of information. Religious people of all persuasions don't do any research on how their particular religion came into being.

Atheists do research and do care.
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We need teamwork to overcome the xians and fundamentalists that are so vocal, hypocritical, anti-evolution and becoming more violent and abusive, all in the name of religion. To expose the fact that 'good people' can kill, maim, rape, torture all in the name of their god.

All religions rely on the naive, the faithful, the fearful, to prop up their particular cult, while the CEO's, the hierarchy, get more power and of course, more money,

The more Atheists the merrier.
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General hypocrisy of the church, the rampant pedophilia perpetrated by members of the catholic church, and then the systematic cover up of these Crimes against Humanity, how the different religions turned into a business, when they realized how much money and power they could engender. The violence, crimes, fraud, misogyny and war done in the name of religion made me start to question the bible, at Catechism class. Ah, the Mysteries of God were abundant. That started me on the road to really analyze the Bible. In some of the posts, people don't like being given the label Atheist, but it has to start somewhere. The more 'Atheists' to come out of the closet, the better.

We have to call ourselves something that joins us all.

Like Gays, the more that come out, people will realize just how many we are.

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  • Strega

    Ah, I posted that I doubted setting his blog to 'approval' was going to do much for his street cred.  I think he saw the point :)

  • Strega

    Interestingly, comparing catholicism to other religions on an atheist forum, is like discussing what colour the baubles should be on a non-existent tree.

  • H3xx

    It's an accelerated program, 4 classes in one semester. Yes we will be writing our own vows, but they will contain promises one would make to a sworn brother as well as a lover. Because we are just that. Best friends, Brothers, and Lovers. He is my equal and other half, and I love him with all my heart.