Mo Trauen


Costa Mesa, CA

United States

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Long time atheist. Have experienced discrimination on several occasions.
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To find a community. To learn.
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I reached the age of reason and realized religion was a lie.
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  • Helen Pluckrose

    Thanks Mo! Its one of those weird English surnames which come from a job in medieval times - one peasant on a large estate belonging to a nobleman would take responsibility for overseeing the work of the others and in return when the other tenants paid their rent in produce or money he would symbolically present the Lord or whatever with a rose from his garden in lieu of rent. He would be known by the surname Pluckrose so everyone knew he was a sort of supervisor. Has unfortunate rhyming possibilities when my husband was at school tho!

  • kevin searley

    thanks x

  • Leslie Ann


    At times I'm more than ready to run as far as I can from the belt but then there's a lot more that I love here. Hopefully I'll end up in a more accepting place than where I grew up.