Steve Shives


Sharpsburg, MD

United States

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I've been blogging for five years, producing videos for just over one. The first video I made came shortly after I came out publicly as an atheist for the first time, and it's been off and running ever since. I love talking and debating science vs. religion, atheism vs. religion, evolution vs. creationism — the main reason I'm here is because I love the conversation.
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Through the Thinking Atheist, who graciously offered a plug.

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  • Walter Maki

    Welcome to TA Steve. I look forward to your posts :)
  • Jacob LeMaster

    Welcome! & Loving the Videos!
  • Precambrian Lullaby

    holy shit man! i was gonna pimp your fine-tuning vid on this sight only to find that you yourself a member and beat me to it. well i'm sending the friend request now. i'm not on too often, but *shrug* the more the merrier right?