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Frederick, MD

United States

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I am a former pastor who left the church. I am still a theist and still a follower of Jesus, just not a slave to the church - which in my recent opinion is a whore to politics and institutional slavery of the mind. I believe in freedom of thought, which requires education and the ability to listen and value differences in understanding the world. I am not here to convert anyone or proselytize my beliefs, but to listen, to learn, and to share information. Being religious does not make one morally superior - in many ways it can produce or sustain the opposite effect.
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To listen, to learn, and to share.
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I left an associate pastor position in an SBC church for sake of family safety and political reasons. A prominent, well-monied, and church-politically powerful family did not value the safety and well-being of one of my children and when I went to politely address the matter, my job was threatened. Soon thereafter the senior pastor (who gave me the green-light to address the problem, and who said he'd have my back) quickly abandoned me. He then forced his authority on my family and tried to usurp my position as the father by trying to force my children to be a part of a children's program - one that was deemed unsafe by my wife and myself. It was a devastating experience, but I am recovering and so is my family.
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