Jason Ward


Reynoldsville, PA

United States

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  • Trish E. Harmon

    I am pleased to meet you as well, Jason. I've read some of your other comments, too, and you seem to be a reasonable and courteous person. Your humor, though, is awesome! I'm so use to working with men over the years, and working primarily "MAN JOBS", lol, so I can banter with the best of them! I hope you will be having a fantastical weekend! (I seriously did not think FANTASTICAL was a real word but the auto correct didn't jump in...then I looked it up...wow.)

  • Heather Spoonheim

    Thanks for inquiring!  I've been having a great time, but been too busy with work to do much ranting and raving on the discussion boards.  I just got laid off, but I'm enjoying a little bit of doing nothing before I get writing again.  How have YOU been?

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Looking at your friends list, you have the best in the business - look forward to reading your very civilized comments. Thanks for the ask.