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I am Monica (Salcedo) McGee, known for being a fiercely outspoken atheist, on this site, and on Twitter and Google Plus. I am a humanist, a freethinker, a rationalist, and an egalitarian. I am married to Joshua McGee, (@McGeekiest). I also occasionally write over at

I am a secular humanist. I rely on reason to understand the world, and compassion guides my effort to apply my knowledge ethically. I behave decently to everyone without any expectation of rewards or punishment after I'm dead.

I have never believed, even being raised in a strictly catholic home and educated in a catholic school and highschool. I was never capable of understanding, let alone believing in the concept of god. Omnipotence is a very weird construct for someone who doesn't do anything, and omnipresence... that’s just like Santa on Christmas Eve, right?

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  • Nick Gold

    Thanks for the information. :)
  • Melanie Andrews

    It's nice to meet you too! :) Thanks for the warm welcome.
  • Steve Bowen

    Thanks for the welcome Monica. I'll take the time to read your thoughts asap.
  • Sassan K.

    thanks you too :) I like your page!!
  • Don Seavers

    No problem Monica :) its nice to be around people who are like minded about religion

  • erik112358

    Thanks for the welcome, Monica.


    Funny thing, by now I was expecting someone to spell my name wrong (always happens even when it's written right on front of people).  Atheists seem to actually pay attention.   :)

  • Tony Ortiz

  • Jo Palmer

    Thanks for the lovely welcome Monica - I left religion a long time ago, so it's nice to connect with others. Looking forward to hopefully contributing some worthy ideas ;) Kind regards JO
  • Matthew Kirton

    Thanks a lot for the welcome, I'm always visiting this site (lurking) but finally decided to join and get some posting going on :-D
  • Steve

    I like your About Me entry. Can I borrow the first paragraph?
  • Sarah Hayn

    Thanks for adding me, too! I saw the retweet saying to add you, and I think I have like 3 friends on here, so... I should probably start using this site more.
  • Billy

    Hi Monika

    f course I will accept you...  Once I figure out how too!! LOL

  • Steve

    The first paragraph fits me perfectly. I've been struggling to come up with a succinct description, and yours is perfect. I like the second part too, but it doesn't fit me personally as well.


    I have seen your posts on Twitter, and I thought I was following you. As it turns out,  just RTs you a lot.

  • Alice Field

    Ooh, not sure I've got time to *do* all that stuff... just wanted to be here!  Already got roller derby/skating, politics and books which take up my time... religion-hating just takes up my thoughts :-)
  • Billy

    Yay.....  All I need do now is wander about to get a feel for this site, and get used to tweeting - Fairly new to both concepts!!   ;)
  • Cosmano

    Thanks Monica!

    Ive been a lurker on this site for awhile and was finally enticed to join after you seeing you were a member. I am already one of your followers on twitter, love your blog as well.

    I really appreciate the warm welcome :)

  • Cosmano

    Most definitely! its my pleasure
  • Marcus Elequin

    My pleasure, Monica. Found out about you on Twitter and have been a big fan ever since. Keep up the wonderful work.
  • Corey Hoaglund

    Thank you, Monica, for the warm welcome. From what I've seen so far, there are a bunch of great people here. I look forward to being a part of it.
  • Daniel Carmo

    Thanks, girl, after all i'm here because of you lol I saw your tweet and just came to take a look, and decided to stay haha
  • Mysickbones

    Thank you for UR warm welcome look forward to getting to know everyone over time.
  • Clare Heilman

    Many thanks! I'll take a few days to snoop around before I open my mouth.



  • Shinken Del Fénix

    Thank you very much!
  • Los Angeles

    Thanks for the info. on Twitter :)
  • Åsa Dahlström Heuser

    Thanks for adding. :)
  • Larry McNaughton

    Thanks for the welcome Monica, wow, I've never had the red carpet rolled out for me before lol.

    ( )o)===#

  • Åsa Dahlström Heuser

    Yes, this is a different environment with more interactivity. I'm quite active on these groups in Brazil, but I haven't tried out any in English yet.
  • Jimmy Boy

    Thanks Monica for the very friendly welcome.  Delighted to have found the site.
  • Olivia Montero

    Thank you you for the kind welcoming!
  • Dr. del Toro

    Thanks for the welcome message!
  • Leashya Padma-Munyon

    Thank you, Monica! It's a relief to be amongst freethinking individuals. Cheers!
  • Robin

    Thanks for the welcome and red carpet.. lol...
  • Joe C

    Thank you for all the info, Monica.
  • Stephanie Dreiske

    Thank you for the warm welcome Monica - I got the comment thing working! yay for me. lol. Hope to chat soon - I'll be looking around and seeing the site, and trying to learn more as I'm still a newbie, a student I guess, and I welcome any advice or knowledge anyone wants to impart to me.

    I feel good after coming out in public now, and more at ease, especially when nice people welcome you to the fold. (you).

  • Roberta

    Hi, thanks for friending me, I also follow you on twitter!
  • Moe Abou-Salem

    Thanks Monicka for your warmly welcoming comment. This is such an interesting place for critical thinkers to meet. Cheers!

  • Gordon

    Thank you for the warm welcome and suggestions.

    I have enjoyed following your tweets for several months.
  • Michael Leonard

    wow!!! thanks Monica. the TA site looks fantastic. I'm so excited!!!!
  • Åsa Dahlström Heuser

    Yes, I am totally fluent, as you've probably already noticed. It's just that I hadn't had any good reason for participating, but now I'm really interested in winning this book. I just started following Think Atheist on Twitter and I retweted the message. Of course I don't really think I will be so lucky, but who knows. Maybe if I pray to Thor.... : D
  • Douglas Smith

    Yes, your tweet...I've been stalking you for a few weeks after running into you on Twitter. :P
  • Douglas Smith

    Done!  This is quite the much for getting my work done this afternoon ;-)
  • Vikki Garland

    Hey everything is so awesome here, where do you suggest I start first to make friends on here?
  • Judson

    I joined think atheist because it is hard for me to get my point across on Twitter. Once I started following you, I followed many of your threads and retweeted my favorites. Many of my friends are theists and take my opinions and religious thoughts as a personal offense. This site is much better for venting. Thanks for the suggestion Monicks!
  • Gavin Collins

    Thanks for the invitation via Twitter to become friends.  I am new to the website and look forward to exploring it.  I enjoy your Tweets and look forward to the discussions here on Think Atheist.  I was forced into Christianity by family but always knew from a very early age (about 7) that it was stories (like Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy) that could not possibly be true.  No evidence = not real.  The internet really has brought me out and it's good to see others that are like minded.  East Texas is not the best place in the world to be an Atheist.....
  • Steve Collins

    Aloha! Many thanks for the warm welcome and its cuz of you that i know this site and i really appreciate you for that :) 

  • Katy Wyman

    thanks for continuing to inspire me! :D
  • Brian Cloud

    One of these days I'd like somebody to answer the question why theism is the dominant school of thought.  Like you, I have always been able to ascertain the the existence of god is just not plausible and not possible.  I've never considered myself exceptionally smart, definitely not smarter than average but I have to wonder at people who live their lives based upon mythological fantasies.  The term and the theory of god is so ingrained in our culture it is hard to imagine what life would be like without it.  Would we just invent something else to glaze over the truth?  I say that because people have told me with dead-pan sincerity that for them, life without god is a bleak arena with no light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have so much empathy towards the Earth, having to suffer through generations of people with their blinders on, ignoring the hidden facets of this world, using her only as a means to get into the non-existent but oh so famous pearly gates.  Missing out on the prisms of this life to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A pot of gold that doesn't exist. I life without meaning.  While those in the here and now, savoring every precious moment, knowing it could be our last and knowing the permanence and the meaning behind that statement are left to clean up the mess that is left behind.

    Although I have not ever believed in God I have never really been a part of an Atheist community. Thanks for welcoming me to this one! Cheers!

  • charels martel

    thank you monica for your great message,am very happe to know you ,you are so nice.

  • Abe Lincoln

    Thanks Monica...been following you on twitter for a little while.  Love your comments/perspective.  Keep it up :)

  • Nicky Rossi

    Thank you Monica for the greeting.  You're truely an inspiration and send out such an amazing postive message.  :)