Craig Fine


Lakeview, AR

United States

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Just when you think you have a plan for your life, something comes along that changes it that you never imagined could possibly happen to you.

Strong, Humble, Energetic, Creative, Love To Laugh, enjoy serving others and being a provider for my children and friends and family.
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Networking, friendships, getting advice on debating better with Christians.
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I questioned my belief in god, and when I asked around in my own church for answers, things got very strange. I received a host of different answers, everything from it was my fault, to I wasn't reading the texts correctly, to a recommendation that I needed counseling.
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  • Morgan Matthew

    If someone has turned it on on their page, there isn't a way to turn it off without going to the player and pressing the stop button. I agree it can be a bit bothersome, but it is a feature that people appear to be split on: some like it, some don't. I'll look into making this an option for users to have it never play. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Black Dawn

    Hey hey Craig! Thanks for the add!

  • Colleen

    Always glad to bring on a smile or laugh - even at my own expense.  Welcome!