Eddie Miles III


Saint Joseph, MO

United States

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I'm a musician and a writer. I'm a strong anti-theist who thinks that the religions are not only incorrect but detrimental to society in general. I just started a blog at www.theeverydayskeptic.com and I'm currently looking for "everyday skeptics" to contribute to it. Information on submissions can be found at the blog site. You can often find me in my favorite Paltalk chat room: Religion and Spirituality-->Atheism-->Atheist versus Christian Debate. My Paltalk nickname is 4everlearning.
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I'm here to meet fellow atheists/agnostics who share my vision of a future without dogmatic beliefs to keep us in bondage.
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  • Samuel

    Hello Eddie, thanks for the friend request.
  • Gaytor

    Hey Eddie. Checking out your pics, my wedding was small too. Six People. Are you new to TA? I hope that you enjoy it and spill your thoughts everywhere. I look forward to reading what you have to say.
  • Johnny

    Hey, I was just re-reading a some of what I posted in the discussion on military recruiting. I realized some of it could have been interpreted as a little harsh; its tough to convey tone and emotion in plain text. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you sharing your views. I don't agree with you completely, but can see your angle. So I just wanted to say thanks for chiming-in on the discussion.