Rev. Benjamin Duncan


Cheboygan, MI

United States

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I am a recently ordained atheist minister with ambitions to start an atheist church in Northern Michigan.
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To meet more atheists who live in Michigan
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If there is a god, it would be the only situation in life where "following your heart" leads you to a correct conclusion. If there is a god, then he has decided that people who "follow their heart" are the best people, the most enlightened people. In other words, he'd have to be stupid.
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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Rev. Duncan!

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Welcome Rev. Ben - I always thought it possible to start our own church - same way that Scientology did - don't have to mention god - just have a head honcho, you or whoever, morgan, Nelson, Robert Karp, Monica, Skycomet, Heather Spoonheim, Archbishops and Archbishopess's, etc. I, personally would like to have a Primate lol :)

    I have never minded that a theist says I follow a religion - ok, I do, then what. I personally revere the White Unicorn Goddess. She doesn't do much, just head butts anybody who doesn't revere her, or is just a general bone bag.

    I have noticed that theists are simply pinching, plagiarizing  our words, Intelligent etc. saying we are vehement, telling lies, etc, when they are committing heinous crimes in the name of religion.

    So why not pinch the word 'religion'. We can end up with a ship just like Scientologists, sail the world, tax free - headquarters in Michigan. What do you think - wouldn't it be fun.

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Just getting into the swing of this thought - I would like all my friends to get a position in the hierarchy - willing to bribe, cover up and put any skeletons in the closet.