Jason Lamar Sorensen


Squaw Valley, CA

United States

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I'm a college student. I enjoy cycling, and good conversation. Ask me anything else that you want to know.
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For a long time I just didn't care about religion at all. Now I want to know more.... I do not believe that there is a path that has been planned for me, I make my own decisions and have a will that is different from anyone else's. I will be the ultimate decider in what my life will be....
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  • Morgan Matthew

    No problem! The site is only going to keep getting better and better! I also gave you a shout out on twitter for you from the TA twitter account. :]


    I noticed your into road bikes. What are you riding? I just got a fuji newest 6 months ago and loving every day I can get on it.

  • Morgan Matthew

    It is possible to make a smartphone app. But it is expensive. So we are going to be revamping our current mobile version www.ThinkAtheist.com/m 

    • An optimized version (/m) of Think Athteist for Webkit (mobile) browsers: iPhone, Android, Blackberry (currently its only optimized for iPhones)
    • Status, Activity Feed, Photos, Profiles, Forum, Videos, Groups, Blogs, messaging is what will be updated with the new version of the mobile site.

    Currently right now all you can do with the mobile version is respond to forum posts and view member profiles and see the activity stream. I'll be sure to announce the update in a site wide email about it when we come out with it :]

  • Samantha Kedzierski

    hi i think i got the right one, but i read your post about marrying a woman who is of religion. im not really religious at all and neither is my family really. my fiancee is athiest. we shouldnt get married in a church and things like that. i was wondering how you went about this. how or if you figured out about getting married.?