Frederick, MD

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Because I'm bewildered and nervous on how so many people I know believe in the spaghetti monster. Its like I'm living in the Twilight Zone. Actually I am not friends with any atheist. I'd like to be.
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Easter Morning. I was six years old. I noticed the candy and treats in my Easter basket (that the "Easter Bunny" had brought) was the exact candy and treats that I found in my parent's kitchen cabinet. My parents were to lazy to even hide the candy wrappers. Then it hit me. Theres no Easter Bunny, no Santa Clause, no Tooth Fairy, no Jesus, no Hell or Heaven, and no God. All because my parents were to lazy to hide candy wrappers. Thanks Mom and Dad !
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  • Bill

    That's the South Fork of the American, on a class 3 rapid called Hospital Bar. That stretch is mostly 2-3, but there are a couple definite class 4's when the water is up!
  • Snowcrash

    Hi Jason

    Just saw your picture of the U.S. Marines and ive just been reading a great SciFi series by Ian Douglas, its about the marines from present day to more then a 1000 years into the future fighting a war against a superior foe and against impossible odds :)

    If you like scifi and reading id recommend it :)



  • Steve Shives

    Thanks for the friend request, the compliment, and the welcome! Good to know you, Jason.