DeLaney Jenkins


Johnson City, TN

United States

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I'm 17, I have a blog where I write about current events and religion, and I'm somewhat of a funny person.
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To talk with others who share the same experiences as I do as well the same believes. I'm friendly and I'd be more than happy to talk to people through Kik just ask for the name! :)
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I read the "Good Book" and found it to be ridicules. I did more -online- research and found the wonders of science with the help of Carl Sagan and The Thinking Atheist.
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DeLaney Jenkins
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I saw it in a Pen J. video. . .

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  • Peta M

    Thank you for friending me I'm new here just discovered you guys on twitter very interesting so far

  • Leigh Anna Marie

    Thx for add. Sorry took so long. Got a busy life. Ugh. But going to try to get here more. :)