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  • Sophie

    Hi new friend! How the hell are you? Good post. 

  • Dustin

    Hello there Think Atheist Friend. I guess you found me after I commented on your blog post. My story goes something like this. Dated a few catholic girls and they all told me I was going to hell for not believing in Jesus so one day I had a crisis, convulsing, in tears , fell to my knees and asked Jesus into my heart and to provide me a sign of some sort, a touch, a sparkle, to speak to me. Obviously nothing happened and from that day forth I knew it was all b.s. Your story is so much better though...
  • Dustin

    Hah, the funny thing is, the reasons I have been given as to WHY my invitation of J.C. to enter my heart didn't happen.  

    1.)  You prayed the wrong way, you need to ask for 'such and such' 

    2.)  You need to wait, Gods time is not our time.

    3.)  You prayed for the wrong reason, so you could impress the Catholic girl you were dating.

    4.)  Oh look at you now, you're successful with your own business and you're healthy!  God is watching out for you!  


    It's like God always wins because the bible is the big book of multiple choice.  So funny.  


    Hope you stick around in these forums, you have a nice writing style :)