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  • Vanessa Krystal

    Heyy Marty! ^_^ I'm good! Actually... I have a confession haha, the only reason I made a profile here is because I wanted to ask you something, but I canceled my Twitter page ... so I really had no way of finding you :p (and there comes the magic of google) lol ... anyways I don't know if you've heard all the commotion thats been going on in my country this year but my university is going through a lot of political issues and we are just around the corner of losing our public education (at least post high school) ... sooo I've hated my country for ... well... as long as I can remember and my Archeology professor told me that I had a lot of opportunities in that area over there in Australia.

    This thought's been going through my head for some time now and well... it's not really the same reading about Australia in the internet, than actually having someone who lives there give me an inside scoop =D

    Hope everything's been going great in your life and tnx for remembering me ^_^
  • Gary Bergeron

    Sorry for the late accept! Thanks for the add! :()


  • Monica McGee (Monicks)