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United Kingdom

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British Pakistani, atheist agnostic.
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I am a pretty outspoken person, often times considered offensive, so I am always looking out for a place where I can truly express myself, and meet like minded folks who are open to considering controversial subjects from an instinctual perspective.
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I decided to grow up, and think for myself as-opposed to having others think for me.

My atheism is based on the fact I don’t accept the scriptural definition of a god, as it carries internal and external contradictions – it is the absence of belief in the existence of deities, described by religious scriptures, and my agnosticism is based on the fact taking into consideration Kurt Godel’s incompleteness theorems one cannot prove or disprove a god which is not based on the scriptural definition of a god, and one that is free of contradiction but still nonetheless incomplete – i.e. the truth value of claims about the existence of any deity, and metaphysical claims is unknown or unknowable.
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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community Amir! Join us in the chat on the bottom right of the screen and feel free to ask questions and get involved as much or as little as you want! Welcome again and make yourself at home!

  • Nessrriinn

    hey king!!.. glad to see you here too, actually there's a couple of people you already know.. catch you later, tc!