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Im currently working as a teacher overseas in Thailand. Ironically, I work in a Christian school surrounded by complete nitwit Thai teachers. My experience with them alone is enough to turn you atheist!
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Just interested to see how other atheists think. I dont live in any fear of having no faith beyond this life. We have to perish eventually, but I guess I am interested to see how others feel.
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Many Christians, especially the truly devoted, are just blind to so much. The fact they believe the earth is only 6000 years old for a start shows how stupid they are.
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  • Gabriela Menicucci

    Hey Rich, I'm right now doing the "Carpe Diem" you know "I'm a leaf and I go where the wind takes me", so no resolutions for me this year.

    What about you??

  • Gabriela Menicucci

    LOL! Yes this year I picture people doing some crazy stuff based on what some ancient guy said (who was probably high on cocaine and therefore had those "revelations") just like Y2K, and etc. It has happened so many times that is boring. I agree with you each year we are less thinkers and more followers.

    This year I would like to travel to some country (not sure which one yet) that I never been before, I want to learn cooking (in a professional level), get more friends that cherish logic and reason, and lastly presever my inner peace :).

    It must be really cool living such an experience in a very different culture. Those are the type of things that make us better persons and world citizens.

  • Gabriela Menicucci

    Hi Rich, Im thinking maybe some country in South America or Europe. I need to look at my budget and my chances of getting hosted. If only plane tickets were cheaper... I better keep saving lol!