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I am a sci-fi Satiric Comic Philosophical Novelist.

My books include: Scepticism inc, The Astrological Diary of God, The Philosophy of Stars and Notes from the Autopsy of God.

I put very short stories on my blog page:

You can read my work at:
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  • Ayushi Singh

    thanks flower!
  • Ashley C

    thanks for the request!
  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Would luv to be your friend. BUT, also, out of curiosity, what are you all about. Obviously arty, obviously gorgeous, obviously smart. Where are you from? Which particular Art are you involved with. If it is painting, I will hate you. I would give anything to put on canvas what is in my head, but alas, can't draw a straight line. Ah well. Welcome to Think Atheist. 

  • Trish E. Harmon

    Thank you, Bo, for the friend request. You appear to be a very intriguing person I look forward to getting to know. I look forward to reading your work, too. I hope your week is going well so far!

  • DeSwiss

    Hi Bo!

  • Flor Gonzalez

    Hi Bo =)    Thanks for the friend request!

  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Thank you for adding me to your friends, totally makes me happy. Nice to meet you!
  • Atheist Exile

    Thanks for the friendship. I'm currently at Inchon airport, on return to the Philippines, from a honeymoon in the U.S.  Will have more time for TA when I get back.  Thanks again.

  • Emily Raymond

    Nice to meet you!

  • Katie

    Hello, Bo.

  • kelltrill

    Hi there :) Thanks for the add. I tried to follow you on twitter (I'm kelltrill) but I the link on your profile takes me to a 404.

  • AdB

    Lovely to meet you, Bo, and will see you around T|A!

  • stanley w owens

    Thanks Bo!

  • Tori Rasmussen

    Thanks for the friend request.


  • Barberann Tillinghast

    Thanks for friend request, looking forward to reading your blog.

  • Daniel Maddock

    Thanks for the add Bo, I look forward to reading your stuff :-) 

  • Deborah Loraine Kean

    Hello, Bo, thanks for friending me! :)


  • Stephen Morris

    Hail, thanks for the friend inv.

  • David Deak

    Thanks for the friendship mate. Cheers, David.

  • Todd Christensen

    Thanks man!  Like your style!

  • Kilana Malakina

    thanks for the add

  • vincent van noir

    Hey Bo, thanks for the friend request. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Bill Butler

    Thanks for the friend request nice too meet ya.

  • Peyton Dracco

    Well, I have to say that Edgar Malroy's idea has crossed my mind several times. I admit that similar thoughts still tempt me occasionally. Thanks for the friend request. 

  • Adrian Edwards

    Hey thanks for the add! You get the honor of being my first friend here on TA :)
  • Marc Hammond

    Hi Bo. I dig your style, man.

  • KaraC

    Hi Bob, thanks for friending me!

  • Christian Perez

    Thanks for the add

  • James

    Thanks for the add!

  • Eoganacht

    Thanks for the friend invite.

  • Richard Porter

    thanks for the friend request, much appreciated!

  • Beatriz Fernandes

    Accepted :)

  • John Galt

    Thanks for friending me!

  • KaraC

    Yo, Bo! I never normally say that but somehow couldn't resist :-)

  • Jenna

    With a trembling digit, I pondered whether to add him or first friend on Think Atheist. It was a bit like losing my virginity except he didn't smell like beer and there was no Rick Springfield playing. So with resolve and not a little giddiness, I added Bo as my friend.


    Gosh, I hope he likes weird chicks.

  • Christopher Prokes

    Hi Bo, Thanks for the friend invite. It is accepted and appreciated!

  • Jenna

    Could you, would you, be bizarre? That would be lovely.

  • Acacia Warwick

    Thank you for the friend invite. It is accepted and appreciated!

  • Eljay

    Hi there - having been taught to always give credit where it's well-deserved, just stopping by to provide some flattery and to say I enjoy the books and keep up the good work.  It's only been Wodehouse and yourself who have made me laugh out loud on my own on public transport before!  All the best.

  • Helen Pluckrose

    Must concur with Elijay but also add The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to the list! Thanks for adding me. :)

  • Adele

    Hiya Bo! Thanks for the add... your my first friend woop woop 

  • Jim

    Hello Bo, Thk's.

    Have you looked at the link to the questions for a christian?

  • Joan Marino-Geitz

    Thank you Bo for the invite.  I'm new here and you are my first friend.  I hope there will be much to share in the future.  Joan

  • Jim

  • Citizen Atheist

    Thanks for the invite, Bo.

  • Jim

    Feel free to spread the link Bo, or to discuss them with believers.

    If you see other nice questions, well, maybe we take them also.

    The most beautiful we translate to the original Dutch questions

  • Sandra Frank

    Appreciate the friending, Bo.  

  • Stephanie Motor Butt Serson

    Thank you kindly for the friend request. :)

  • Georgie Kiely

    Thanks for the warm welcome and friend request! 

  • Bev Walker

    Thanks forthe friend request :)