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This site, dedicated to freedom of thought, examines the Judaeo-Christian Bible, upon which the religious principles of Judaism, Christianity and Islam were founded, questioning all that is neither logical, plausible, physically possible, scientifically established, technologically practical, nor consistent with archaeological facts -- along the way, we try to have some fun!
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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to the Think Atheist community!

  • Kir Komrik

    Hey Archaeopteryx,


    Thanks for the add! - kk

  • michael palmer

    alright just makin sure but well do friend ill check it out

  • michael palmer

    the button was doin the same thing i was like XD y u no work

  • michael palmer

    budha is pretty cool guy :P just the same with other good thinkers :P

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Ah, yes, my beautiful White Unicorn - I was just very lucky in finding her under a cabbage patch - I looked after her for two years, then she went to Unicorn Playgroup, where, while she was having loads of fun, she also learnt how to run, fly and paint like Picasso - prerequisites to being a happy Unicorn. Thanks for the invite :)

  • Heather Little

    I apologize for taking so long to answer you; I'm still trying to navigate the site, lol! Also, I go back and forth between this site, Twitter, and Facebook!
    Thank you for adding me, and great to meet ya! I have a feeling I'll be hanging out here a lot, because I moved back in with my mother so I could stop driving a truck to go back and finish school (I think I mentioned this, but not sure- my mother and stepfather are still devout Mormons... I thought it'd be funny and not an issue because they don't preach or push it on me at all, but I'm finding it upsetting to see.. It's actually sad. It's almost like watching a drug addict pretending to be normal. Does that make sense?) I mean they waste SO much of their time on shi.., I mean, stuff that is crazy! So thank you again for an awesome refuge! Looking forward to getting to know everyone! :-D
  • Heather Little

    Oh, and one more thing, lol! I'm also "truckrgrrl" on Facebook, Twitter, and it's pretty safe to say that if you see truckrgrrl (spelled this way, anyway) anywhere online, it's probably me!
  • Helen Pluckrose

    Thanks - the more ammo the better!

  • Dienekes

    Thanks for the link to your site!  I really enjoy researching inaccuracies of the bible so I can invite the mormon kids that walk around my neighborhood in and ask them how they can believe the bible when it is so full of inconsistencies and contradictions.  It's a fun way for me to spend my Sunday afternoons.  LOL

  • Angela Bradbury

    Hi Archaeopteryx, thanks for the invite and the link to your page! I'll be sure to check it out!

  • Shabaka Tecumseh

    "This is the 21st century, and there is no longer any room - not that there ever was - for racism."

    that's easy for you to say.

    Arch did u read my post about "idealism?"  I live in the real world of a non white in the United States.  Don't tell me there's no room for racism, it's  not my call.

  • Shabaka Tecumseh

    Of course "Blacks" or anyone else can exhibit "racist traits"..however if we hold true to the definition of racsim, (not the post 1980's political correct definition that incorporates prejudice and bigotry) Black can't practice racism in the United States.  (maybe Obama can but he will be overturned by the courts).  

    What has color to do with anything racial in this psuedo post racial society?  Blacks can join forces with racist whites to undermine Black efficacy, in fact it more prevalent now.  So the color of your skin or mine really makes no difference, it's your world view that counts.  However world views, no matter how great the intention, can be tainted by ones education.  For example they can be so used to privilege they don't know what it would be without it.

    What has your "mixed race" children to do with your mentality? They are just a PART of your views about race.   You won't believe me but making that statement speaks volumes about you.

    Black people are not non human that we need an apology/explanation for having whites "like" us.

    See if you lived the life of a conscious black person, you'd NEVER make the statement that I seem like things are "eating" at me.  You damn  right they are... but that's one of your privileges.  Be well

  • Scott Howard

    Thanks for the info. I gathered as much from his posts. 

  • Eoganacht

    Thanks for the add. I am really enjoying your website

  • John R.

    Thank you for the invite.  I saw your page link yesterday on my initial visit to ThinkAtheist.  As a matter of fact, just cam back from weekly bible study for men and have a few ages of notes to transcribe.  One of the major questions asked this morning was "What do you have to give up or turn off to be used by god."  My first IMMEDIATE and gut wrenching response was CRITICAL THOUGHT, REASON & LOGIC!  During the "small group discussion" they wanted an answer from everyone and I expressed my views.  Needless to say there was some uncomfortable silence following my answer but I explained I was not trying to be argumentative or "combative" but it was honestly the first thing I thought of.  I haven't dug deep into your sight yet but it does remind me of the Skeptics Annotated Bible site (another great source).  I could go on and will probably post a longer message to ThinkAtheist later once I let this morning's "teachings" sink in a little more.

    On a side note, couldn't help to notice your Skype username...  I loved the Guide as well.  The answer there is as logical as any I've found in the bible...  42.  Adams had a point... it's the QUESTION that is relevant!  - John

  • Tammy

    Thank you for adding me as a friend!!

  • Shabaka Tecumseh

    Context...nigger is just a word and really has no meaning for anyone personally unless they accept that meaning as their own.  However a reference to basketball and Blacks is a general stereotype that's used to demean all black people based on their physical prowness instead of their intellectual abilities.

  • Shabaka Tecumseh

    glad to be your friend.. I can be trying Arch but that's because I have strong opinions and I ain't young..

  • Shabaka Tecumseh

    but basketball can't be football or baseball...

  • dizzyduckie

    I most definitely will! Thank you! :)

  • dizzyduckie

    Thank you! I'll be sure to check it out when I can; I'm sure it'll be of great help to me! :)

  • dizzyduckie

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I just started reading from your site and I love it so far (and I haven't even gotten far in XD)! You've already made me laugh more than once and I love learning. Thank you for all the hard work you've obviously put into it! I look forward to reading more!

  • dizzyduckie

    lol of course! I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your work but I can definitely see how redoing it would be a good thing!

    I subscribed and I plan on showing it to my fiance. He doesn't seem to be in as much of a search for this kind of information as I am but I think he'd enjoy it nonetheless. :)

  • Helena

    LOL and now you have 2.

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Thanks for the add. I will try to locate those videos. Dr Alice Roberts is her name and she has done a few series on Evolution (Incredible Journey) for the BBC.  I will let you know later. I might even setup a "dropbox" or similar as I have tons of vids and pdf's on Science and beliefs.

  • littlechickpea

    Nice to meet you, archeopteryx!  

  • John Major

    Trevor will be all fired up, it is Sunday after all!
  • John Major

    Hey Arch when you're a veggie on these forums you need all the friends you get! Trevor is a fellow Brit. I thought it would be interesting to see the difference between English and American theists. Not really had anything to do with him since.

    I'm not sure what happened to my other friends list? my other avatar was the default. New one not that inspired.

    What do you do for a living?
  • thelonely

    thank you archy def i wil do and i will let you know.

  • onyango makagutu

    hey am luo
  • Hygeia Halfmoon

    Thank you for taking the time to read some of my blogs...yes, I write for our local community that has been witnessing this corruption for more than two decades now - same puppeteer in place, just different sociopathic puppets continuing to attempt a hostile takeover.  We are such a small desert town that outside agencies won't take us seriously...they just say, "That's Quartzsite politics" when in fact it is not a political situation but rather, a criminal situation.

    Your comment gives me the inspiration to write a synopsis of our town situation that could be understood by anyone reading far the only analogy that best describes it is a rape victim not being believed while the rapist tells lie after lie makng it look like the victim is the guilty one.  Or the little boy who runs to the teacher because he has been bullied on the playground and then the bullies inundate the teacher with so many lies that she actually becomes exasperated by the victim and doesn't want to hear another word about recess comes around and the bullies are not only laughing about their victory but they get to re-victimize the victim with the added fuel of revenge for him seeking help in the first place.

  • onyango makagutu

    Thanks archy

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    But Geez, you are just a clever dick. By the by, talk about Aussies talking funny, what is a 'twizzle'.

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Still don't know what they are - what do you do with them, pray tell????

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Thank you, I did need clarification for this strange American stuff.

  • Guinevere McIntyre


  • Morgan Matthew

    I'll look into this. Thanks for the heads up. What I would do off the bat is to sign out of Think Atheist. Clear your cache/cookies. Close the browser and restart your browser. Let me know if that helps. I'll look on my end to see if we are having problems. Also, have you tried another browser?

  • Richard E. Robertson

    You left a comment on my blog and had a question. I responded there. Should I follow up here?

  • Richard E. Robertson

    I don't know if it does. I'm still getting used to the site.


    Actually Richard, other than requiring another once-over for typos, which admittedly distract from the content, I find your proposal very sound and well-considered.

    Is that as far as it goes, or have you plans for attracting someone's attention with it for further consideration?

  • Richard E. Robertson

    No, you did. I had an answer :)

    Here was my response:

    Yeah, I made several typos. I also forgot the requirement that registered arms dealers need to check the list against restricted individuals - that part is essential. 

    I haven't sought a sponsor yet - the topic is still yet too new - but I'd love suggestions in this direction. And proofreading is very welcome. :) 

    Coming from someone with your standing such comments feel quite good.

  • Richard E. Robertson

    I have been to your site. :)

    The link was:

    And I can be reached at:

    I might host the blog later and do my own features, but until then I'm going to be lazy like this. My hands are already full designing clients' sites, doing 3d imaging and animation, and software development (that's the short list :p).

  • Richard E. Robertson

    The "illegal attachments" might be the result of your emails also going to a GMail account at the same time and Google is probably spitting them out. My host doesn't care :)

  • Richard E. Robertson

    Sorry, just found this message or I'd have replied sooner. Yes I have been as far as I know.  I was up until 2 am working on client stuff, then got up early to help with a voter-registration drive for 4 hours outside. Was rather draining actually.

  • James Cox

    I hope by befriending me, that I will not add to your troubles. I hope my humor only brightens your day, and lightens the heart.

  • James Cox

    Dear Arch:

    Good to hear from you.

    The 'dabble in electricity'.

    About 5 years ago there was an interesting OPB science documentary concerning the experimentation with some 'near fringe' ideas. One was concerning using bacteria to generate  DC power. That demo was using the early single chamber, air cathode, mud cell, that uses a mixed anaerobic bacteria culture from river sediments, that can transfer free electrons(from the cellular electron transfer chain) to a conductor.

    I puttered with the idea for a few years, reading much of the literature, fabricating different conductive composites, and finally building a small test cell to see if I understood the theory and design issues. My first cell output maxed out at 218 mV and .5mA, over 33 days of operation. If you are interested, I have a FB page 'Microbial Fuelcell Design'. The FB page has pix, papers, and soon a Powerpoint presentation. These fuel cells use biomass as the fuel source.

    Take Care,



  • Scott Benton

    Thanks for reaching out to me, archaeopteryx!  What woke you up from religion?

  • Strega

    I'm gutted.  No rat nookie after all.  Bugger!

  • Tom Sarbeck

    archaeopteryx, much software has what we programmers called undocumented capabilities, a fancy name for bugs.

    My netbook's keyboard has a CTRL key where my other computer's keyboard has a SHIFT key. Intending to uppercase a letter, I hit the CTRL key and the words I'd typed disappeared.

    Thank you for telling me where they went. I was intending to add a remark that Romney has no concern for people such as the Japanese who were vaporized, so the key combination CTRL-R might have sent my words away.

  • Claire Couch

    Hi, thanks for the friend request, and the link to your site.  Sorry if my response took a bit, I don't always check in here every day (or every week, depending on how hectic life gets).