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My father was a Southern Baptist minister so I was the victim of indoctrination from an early age; state-sponsored child abuse in my opinion. Although I'm finally free from the mental poison that was woven into the fabric of my brain, there are still the occasional triggers that summon me to the darkness, i.e. blessing someone for sneezing.
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In the words of Emma Goldman:
"Already there are indications that theism, which is the theory of speculation, is being replaced by Atheism, which is the science of demonstration; the one hangs in the metaphysical clouds of the Beyond, while the other has its roots firmly in the soil. It is the earth, not heaven, which man must rescue if he is truly to be saved."
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I found superstition and fear to be an unsustainable lifestyle.

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  • Heath

    If that medal can get me out of this place or ward off the fundies, then that would be great. But either way, it's good to find a rational safe-zone.
  • Yvette Lessard

    Thank you. :)
  • CJoe

    Did you see me on the welcome clip?!