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My family is Methodist, but we never have attended church, so what little brainwashing I did receive thankfully did not stick for long. I guess I did too much thinking to myself (introvert) and realized what I learned in science class made more sense than what I learned from religious people. I was Agnostic for awhile, then finally, with the help of Adams and Asimov, admitted to myself that I am an Atheist.

Me... I love books, music, coffee and spending time with friends, which doesn't happen often enough. I'm an introverted shy loner with a collection of college degrees (A.A., B.A., and most recently in 2009 M.A.) and few job prospects beyond my job at a bookstore. Damn economy.

Rock on! \m/
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  • Atheist Exile

    Hey deepthought42,

    Thanks for joining Origins. I hope to see your comments soon.

    What kind of dog is that in your photos? Which breed?
  • CJoe

    Wow hi, fellow Annapolitan! :) How long have you been in the area? Morgan and I just moved here in January. Well, he grew up here... I'm a complete newb to the area. I like it though! We hang out downtown a lot... we love the gelato! I haven't actually tried any of the coffee shops yet... I dunno why. What do you do other than work (for fun)?
  • Tifany Twisted

    Thank you, deepthought! It's a pleasure to meet you.