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I'm a reductive physicalist, but not entirely buying it all. Don't fit in a box, it's bad for your autonomy.

The music on my profile page is all originals by me, if you wanted to know.
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Looking to get some support, advice, and be a part of a group that I can share beliefs with and stuff.
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Being the son of a pastor, I've seen some crap in the church. People supposed they had this higher morality yet mistreated each other so bad. I've been a recovering agnostic for over 8 years, during which time I've been under some pressure at times, which drives me much further away. The more evangelical they get, the more I pull away.
Also, lack of convincing arguments from religious people, a slew of people telling me "you think too much, just have faith" and the fact that we don't need god to answer questions at all anymore where some pretty big reasons too.
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  • Emmy Ellison

    Hmmm... ok, maybe wait a few months. Lol
  • Emmy Ellison

    Oh but of course. The rich kids have probably traveled to English speaking countries and have been granted personal tutors by their parents, whereas the pooor kids parents can't give them any assistance. :(
  • Emmy Ellison

    You should pair beginner and advanced students together. If the advanced students grades depend on the beginner students... they'll be more likely to help them rather than hinder them.