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Third generation atheist, 2nd generation environmentalist, first generation scientist.
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  • Sydni Moser

    Hi TA, welcome to 'Green Atheists'. Look forward to your future activity in the group and getting to know you better.
  • NoSacredCow

    What Up T???
  • NoSacredCow

    It's the same BS different day. Headin' back to hot and muggy.Finally replaced my beach crusier so I can pedal some of my winter non-smoking flab away. Just workin' on cleaning up the MP3 tags on my music collection. (only 20K tracks to go)
  • Sydni Moser

    Just wanted to stop by and say, Hi... I enjoy reading your comments, you are so well informed and articulate. Glad we're 'friends'...
  • NoSacredCow

    Why do people with "messed up brain chemistry" always take it so personal?

  • NoSacredCow

    Yeah can you imagine a morel that could feed a village? mmmmmm...
  • Angela Gorman

    Hi there TAA. Our small organisation has no such rules in fact religion plays no part in our activities. Co-incidentally none of our group attend church or appear to have any religious belief! When in Africa and I am asked "Where do you worship?" I reply, "I will tell you the truth but you're not going to like what I tell you." They look at me as if I beamed in from another planet!
  • Tifany Twisted

    It's a pleasure to be here. Cheers!

  • Michael Odell

    For sure! Kodiak is a great place.. The Emerald Isle in the North Pacific.. Chilly winters but the summer's are incredible.
  • Dustin

    I just found out I had a wall!  So a late reply?  Thanks I guess haha - sure is not the most popular thing but I do like to be blunt and express my true thoughts - I am not one to be politically correct if that is even the term.
  • Snowcrash

    Cool, glad you like it :)

    It's one of my favorites to , but that's pretty obvious seeing as i use the name :)

  • Heather Spoonheim

    Hi, friend.  Sorry if my comments are getting a little aggressive but I've had a few drinks this evening.  :p
  • Heather Spoonheim

    Well my depravities are sloth, writing, duck fat and liquor, and in that order!
  • Albert Bakker

    Yes, the posting and stuff doesn't work properly. Maybe they're working on the new site right now.
  • Atheist Exile

    Hi T A A,

    No, I'm not having any trouble with posting on the site.  I've been pretty active in the last hour, so I suspect your problem is not caused by the site's server.  But that's just my semi-educated guess. :-)

  • Atheist Exile

    Yeah, I'm on FireFox too . . .

    . . . AND . . .

    . . . I just lost my connection with the site.  So I guess there really IS a problem with their server.

  • Michael Andrews

    Thank you. WOW, Beautiful pictures! Why, you're in the Yukon! Stunning...
  • Michael Andrews

    Check out my song choice if you get a chance.