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I'm a refugee from the Bush years living the good life free and happy in Guatemala. ....What does one say about ones self?
I'm a happy positive person concerned for humanity and the creatures we share this planet with. I like to effect my square meter in a positive way . I believe religion on the whole stifles the human mind and is next to nationalism the cause of many problems we could all do well with out.
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I like the discourse and mental stimulation , I live in an area with a church per kilometer .
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I don't think I was ever a member of a church per se but claimed the faith because others did. I was fortunate and was not indoctrinated from birth. The more I traveled the more I learned the more difficult it became to believe the god story
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  • Shine

    Hi, Dennis. I approved your blog yesterday but ran into some technical difficulties; it appears that the blog may have somehow glitched and is not posting to the main blog page. I still see it here on your profile page, but unfortunately it seems to have become lost somewhere between here and the main blog page! Would you mind reposting it? Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks, and welcome to T|A. :)
  • Shine

    Ah, okay, maybe it's cause the blog was saved as a draft. I just didn't want you to think that we had ignored or censored your blog for some reason! Okay, I feel better; I was afraid that I had accidentally broken your blog. Thanks for letting me know. :)