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Ahh isn't that the age old question. Well let’s start 13.7 billion years ago where (not when)the gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear forces were relatively equal. In this "hyperspace" if you will, an expansion of sorts began. Some say a primeval atom rapidly expanded as the biggest "bang" our universe has ever known. Personally I think a one dimensional point in a 11 (10 if your definition of time is different) dimensional system vibrated, stretched, bent, and folded in on itself over and over and continues to do so throughout the system giving our 3D perspective the illusion of an expanding universe instead of a multiverse with infinite parallels above it.
.......After space-time expanded for a few minutes it cooled and began to form matter. After all E=MC^2. Gravity, now weak from having to stretch, or rather pull, from beyond our 3D realm slowly gathers hydrogen to create the first stars. Dark matter clumps with these stars giving them the extra mass to create galaxies. the stars, emitting light by fusing lighter elements to create heavier elements, spend millions of years drifting through space time until the elements within become too dense to fuse. This results with a supernova scattering the heavier elements across the cosmos until gravity yet again pulls them together this time creating solar systems. When a planet has cooled but kept close enough to the sun store liquid water, comets and asteroids carrying important elements the planet might be missing to it. When a mixture of methane, ammonia, water vapor, and hydrogen are given energy or heat and light, amino acids are made. These building blocks of life that combined and began the ongoing process of evolution. That’s why I'm here. Plus my parents boned.
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ever since i was a child learning to read from daily family scripture reading I've had a problem with invisible people. I never had an imaginary friend, never understood it. even pretending something invisible was there was insane to me. I tried to believe for my parents but that just led to putting on a life long show.
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