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I enjoy everything that is challenging: indoors and out, at the top of mountains and the bottom of caves, above the water and beneath.

I am an autodidactic investigative explorer of all things; I'm a doer and a teacher with a mind of my own.

I have traveled extensively, lived in the wilderness of Alaska, and kayaked the Hawaiian Islands— partially. I love swimming, running, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, spelunking, mountain climbing, but mostly exploring in all its forms—especially the exploration of the human condition.

Through my scuba diving, oceanography, and underwater photography I have seen the symbiosis between living organisms of reef systems, and I study the intelligence of mammalian sea life. I found myself interested in culture, religion, and politics along with their effects on the human condition at a very young age.
Why are you here?
I am here to support the movement that I have belonged to since before I knew there was one, and of which I have been an outspoken warrior—for many decades.
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At the age of five, I realized the Sunday school teacher was illogical and nonsensical about the relation of humans to animals -- I called her and the preacher liars.

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