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Tucson, AZ

United States

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I am 39, married, and the mother of 3 awesome adult children, and the grandma to one almost newborn baby girl... any day now (as of 4/16/13)
I've always questioned religion, then figured out that it's all a bunch of BS. I can't understand why people think there is this all powerful being, that is supposedly all loving, generous and kind, yet he/she/it allows people to kill other people in his/her/it's name. WTF is up with that? Not to mention all the suffering that goes on... where's the kindness and loving there???
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To meet and talk with like minded people, who are not complete idiots that think just because I'm an atheist that I worship satan or something... my response to those people... wouldn't I have to believe in god to believe in satan??? Come on idiots... grow a fricken brain already!
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I was never truly a part of any religion. My parents were very open with me and allowed me to chose my own path. I did try out several different religions, christianity, baptist, catholicism, wicca, paganism... to no avail. Nothing felt quite right because it all felt like a bunch of bull. I'm sorry but I have a lot of trouble believing that there is some old guy with a long white beard and hair just waiting for me to pledge my soul to, just so he can be my 'friend'... damn, if he really wants to be my friend, then he needs to get off his cloud, and come down here and introduce himself... sorry I don't do invisible! You could be watching me without me even knowing!!! How scary is that .... for you! LMAO
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  • Jeromie Pawlick

    Thank you Missy for accepting my friend request,I'm new to the site and learning my way around it.
    Hope to here from you more.
  • Dr.Grixis

    Hi! Thanks for the invite!

  • Morgan Matthew

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the site!